Thursday, February 11, 2016

Palmers Pond FatAss 50K - April 2nd, 2016

OK Folks!   RWK (running with Kevin) Racing is going to put on it's first race!!

Something I have wanted to do for a long time is put together a FatAss race. If you're not sure what a FatAss race is, it's a free race - where the RD (Race Director) can choose the specifics of what you need to bring to enter the race (typically gallons of water, Gatorade, treats, etc). There are no race fee's. What you get in return is priceless! 

You get the opportunity to run with a group of folks who are just out to have a good time. The course may or may not be marked, or marked well.
(The PP50K will be marked with yellow DEC Trail markers and is all 4 wheeler access trails for handicapped hunters). 

There won't be a race T-Shirt (unless you want to bring your own). There won't necessarily be any awards (this part I failed on, all entries will get a reward). And - there's no bitching or whining. That's a rule! 

The race will be at Palmers Pond State Forest - - located just off of Exit 32 of Route 86 in the southern tier of NY. Exit 32 is the West Almond exit - but don't be confused, there's no town. There's no gas station. Nuthin.  Get your fuel, food, water, coffee, take a pee in a bathroom, etc before you get there.  There will be a port-a-potty at the course too, but the seat might be cold.  The Race Address - as far as any mapping system is concerned is 7515 Miller Road, Almond, NY. 

The race is scheduled for April 2nd, with a start time of 7AM. There are two 5+ mile loops. 
The West Loop is stated above as 4.96 miles long (I got 5.2 on my Garmin). 

The East Loop is stated as being 5.12 miles (I got 5.5). 

I get around 1200 feet of climbing for one complete loop. (So ~3600+ for the 50K).  It will be muddy in spots, and there are 4 stream crossings, to wash the mud off. 

Here's my Strava for it:

Each runner will check in after each loop (6 total - 3 each side- washing machine style) at the only aid station on the course in the parking area.  Additionally - for each lap you complete, your name will be placed in a bucket for a drawing at the end for awesome prizes! 

"The end" - this brings up cutoffs.  There will be a 10 hour cutoff to START the last segment (that's a 10 hour marathon) - but - for drawings, your name goes in for each loop completed in under that 10 hours.  Awards will be at 5 PM. If you're on the course at the time and your name is drawn, your award will be held for you. You need not be present to win, awards will be delivered to you somehow. 

The Loops will be run in the following race order  - 1 - West Loop North Entrance, 2 - East Loop North Entrance, 3 - WL South, 4 - EL South, and the last two loops are runners choice of direction - it must include 1 EL and 1 WL, but you choose the direction and order. (ie - washing machine). 
At the Finish Line/Aid Station there will be the official race Totem - we'll call it "the PP", for lack of better  terminology. Upon completion of the final loop - 50K finishers will have to pull on "the PP" to ring the finishing bell. At this point their finishing time will be taken. 

50K finishers will also get an awesome award of the race directors choosing. Trust me - it'll be awesome, ok, don't trust me. 

RELAYS - If you want  to run this as a relay - get two friends and you have to do 50+ miles. Yes - 10 laps. That's 3 segments each - plus, the last segment you all have to run together. Yes, that means whoever runs the last leg, runs another one back to back.  - ie - Runner 1 - segments 1,4,7,10; Runner 2 - segments 2,5,8,10; Runner 3 - segments 3,6,9,10. AND - your cutoff is the same. Yep, start the last segment before 10 hours. I am not fast or slow. I ran this at an 11:45 pace running both sides. It's possible, but it's not for walkers. OR - run it as a relay however the hell you want. It IS a FatAss. You're not going to get kicked out. 

Camping is available in the state park right on the course, and there are numerous locations on site and within a few miles of the course that are beautiful spots. See the Facebook link for pics. Allegany County has over 46,000 acres of state forest. 

If camping isn't your forte', then there are some places to stay.  Polliwogg Holler has rustic lodging and is 4 miles from the start - it's a very cool place, very laid back, and a really cool vibe to it.   There are also hotels in Hornell, which is 15 miles away to the East, and Angelica, just 9 miles to the West also has some bed and breakfasts that get great reviews. 

There is no shelter, but we wil put up a tarp enclosure and have a bonfire in a barrel - or the parking lot. There will also be a Port A Potty. 

Post race will be food (bring something to eat!) and hanging out with beers (bring your favorite beverage!) and cheers to watch the finishing racers come through. We will bring a portable grill to cook on if you want to bring burgers or something. 

Registration - if you're interested - email me -, or hit the "GOING" button on the Facebook page.  I will be checking both. Space is limited to 75 runners for the inaugural event.  If you register with me and are unable to attend please let me know so that others on the wait list can be allowed to attend. 

Once again - Exit 32 off of Rt 86.   GPS coords:    42.3248, -77.8854
OR - address 7515 Miller Road, Almond, NY - which will get you within 1/4 mile and you can't miss the start. 

See Facebook page for updates.  

Come have fun with us! 


  1. Is this event on for 2019? And if so, how to register?

  2. Yes. See the 2019 page. You can email